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Axarquia Bird Group
Annual Report for 2009

The Annual Report for last year is now completed and is available in two formats, both using PDF files:
1.  An A4 version which is the more easy to read on screen or download/print.
2.  An A5 version which has been collated and printed onto A4 sheets of paper.  This copy is more suitable for printing back-to-back and folding to give an A5 booklet.

Whilst both editions included the same photographs, because of the design some photographs may appear in different places within the individual production.

In essence, the Report includes chapters on the background to the Axarquia Bird Group, descriptions of the sites visited, a study of selected summer migrants over the past five years and the actual systematic list.  This last section includes all (and only) the birds that have been seen on the ten field visits of 2009, i.e. it is not the definitive total list of birds that have been seen in Spain during the past year.

At the top of the new page when you access the preferred format, you will see the following below the file name:

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Click on "Download" and the booklet will be sent to your screen using "Adobe Reader".  (If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed it can be downloaded for FREE from the Internet.)  The latest version is, probably 9.2)

Now you can either/both read or/and print the booklet in the usual way.

To read or for a copy of the A4 version  CLICK HERE

For a copy of the A5 booklet CLICK HERE