Birding Axarquia

Useful LINKS to help you with your birding.


The following LINKS can all be accessed by clicking on the word "CLICK" following the Title/Name.

1.  Malaga & Axarquia Birding Tours
    Escorted bird tours in the Axarquia region and neighbouring areas    http://         CLICK here

2.  Loja Wildlife
    A great wildlife blog ( birds, flowers, insects, etc) by Loja birding expert, Mick Richardson.  For more details visit his site at   CLICK here

3.  Andalucia Bird Society
     New (2009) Bird Club with "Guest" access to informatioin and forums         CLICK here

4.  Bavarian Birds
     Practise your bird identification.                                                        CLICK here

5.  Identification Checklists:

a)  Alphabetical Checklist of Spanish birds in English/Spanish/Catalan/Latin
                                                                                          CLICK here

b)  By Classification Checklist showing English name/Latin/Comments, e.g. Rare/Introduced, etc
                                               CLICK here

c)  Bird recognition photographs - Dutch site with English translation
                                                                        CLICK here

Please contact with suggestions and/or comments.  Thank you.